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Jack E. Graham

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Jack E. Graham
CORBI Plastics LLC – President

Jack Graham has the experience and list of accomplishments which most people in his position aspire to. An expert in plastics manufacturing, Jack is an agent for growth and has the ability to assess enterprise-wide operations and uncover market opportunities that will achieve and surpass desired business results. Since 2003, Jack has used his highly-developed business acumen and proven leadership to grow CORBI Plastics, LLC. He has guided them from an experienced yet relatively unknown entrant into a new market to the recognized leader in the manufacture and management of reusable plastic packaging for the beverage container manufacturing industry.

In Europe, acknowledgment of CORBI’s unique combination of product and process led to industry-wide acceptance of reusable plastic dunnage management programs. The company recognized the opportunity for growth in the United States and used Jack’s expertise to implement and grow their business to become the market leader in plastic dunnage and dunnage management programs stateside.

Jack’s skill at managing large geographically dispersed operations has served CORBI well. Between 2004 and 2007 CORBI established 17 service and manufacturing facilities, allowing them to stretch their dunnage management process the length of the United States and achieve the promises they make to customers. In his short time with CORBI, Jack has added contracts with several major can and beverage manufacturers and fillers, as well as led the company to a sales increase of more than $40 million.

Jack is a past president of Coroplast, Inc., where he grew revenues by more than 250 percent over a seven-year period. He acted as the production operations manager of Graham Magnetics for nine years where he managed plant operations, manufacturing, engineering and quality control among many other aspects of the computer tape conversion operation. He holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington, a BS in chemistry from McMurry University as well as graduate-level training in industrial engineering, marketing and operations management and was a Certified Quality Engineer by the American Society for Quality Control.

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