CORBI Signs Contract with REXAM
to Purchase Transport Packaging Materials

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 31, 2005

CORBI announced today that it has agreed to acquire REXAM’s transport packaging materials float.

As part of the agreement, CORBI will manage and service the material pool in support of REXAM’s North American beverage container manufacturing plants.

DeForest, WI - CORBI has agreed to purchase REXAM’s plastic pallets, top frames and separator sheets used in the transport and storage of the company’s aluminum beverage cans. The agreement contains a long-term services component where CORBI will provide pool management along with material services for all of REXAM’s United States beverage container manufacturing locations.

“This contract is a significant milestone in CORBI’s goal to expand and operate large-scale transport packaging material pools in North America. Based on our European parent company’s model, we are confident that REXAM will recognize immediate supply chain cost savings from CORBI’s ability to limit freight inefficiencies, control loss and damage as well as maximize the usage of packaging material assets,” commented CORBI’s President Jack Graham.
Material services will be in the form of managing the complete material supply system necessary to support each REXAM plants continuous manufacturing operations. The pool management involves tracking, retrieval and servicing of materials that are in nearly constant motion.

Since 1999, CORBI has been supporting North American glass bottle suppliers to Anheuser-Busch with a program similar to the REXAM program. In the A-B supply chain, CORBI manufactures, owns and pools corrugate plastic separator sheets.

REXAM is a leading global consumer packaging company with 2004 sales of 2,601£ M. The company provides innovative rigid containers (aluminum, plastic) and is the world’s largest producer of beverage containers.

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